Sep. 20th, 2010

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Dalhousie Security has been informed that a further incident has been reported to Halifax Regional Police, regarding an unidentified male intruder entering a residence during the late evening and early morning hours in the South End area of Halifax.

On September 19th/ 2010, Halifax Regional Police responded to a report of a sexual assault inside a residence located in the area of 1100 block of Wellington St, Halifax. Police received information that three women awoke in the early hours of the morning to find a male standing over their bed watching them. It was learned later by police one of the women had been touched inappropriately by the intruder and that the touching was sexual in nature. The suspect left the residence on foot and travelled in an unknown direction. It is believed that entry was gained by way of an insecure window after the removal of a window screen.

Suspect is described as a white male, 20-25 years of age, 5'10" tall, medium build, dark hair, wearing blue jeans, grey sweater and a neck warmer covering his face. The police investigation is still in the early stages and is ongoing.

Police investigators are attempting to determine if this incident is connected with other similar matters that have occurred over the past few years.

This is the sixth incident of this nature, reported to Security Services , since October, 2008, all of which resulted in previous Security Bulletins. Therefore, all students and employees are strongly urged to:
· ensure that the doors and windows of their apartments/residences are securely locked, including those located off a fire escape

· All windows should be secured with anti-slide devices.

· Secure sliding glass doors with a lock or bar, or place a piece of wood or broom handle in the track

· Never leave a house key hidden outside your home

· do not put your name on the outside of your residence mailbox and do not leave notes on outside doors

· exercise vigilance in your activities and be aware of your surroundings at all times

In view of the foregoing, we are seeking assistance from anyone who may be able to identify this suspect, or has information about this incident, or any of the other similar incidents, to immediately contact Halifax Regional Police (490-5016), Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-8477), or Dalhousie Security (494-6400).


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